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WATCH: The Subway Royal Rumble that has everyone talking



Some things online make you go, "huh how about that?" This amazing mini-movie is certainly one of those fantastic finds. We're not really sure who the people in timhannrivera's video are yet, but as soon as they get this idea picked up as a series on cable we're sure these guys will be household names.

This is a grand example of the fact you should never try this at home, so they didn't. Instead, these fanboys took their battle to the subway. It was very well done and the reactions (or lack thereof) from the civilians just riding to their next destination are hilarious.

Several stars from the Attitude Era and beyond are featured and they do the best job they could to represent their characters well. Even though they're pulling a lot of those punches and there's not much room to work there's nothing fake about some of those chops from the dude playing Big Show.

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It's certainly got enough people talking so far and we love it. So enjoy this little treasure to take your mind off whatever else you have going on. After all, it's always a fun time to watch a bunch of guys wrestle in public and throw each other off a subway car, isn't it?

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