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What is WWE doing to their babyface women on Raw?



Sasha Banks dropped her title almost as quickly as she won it clean as a whistle. But even though The Boss might be coming off of a Raw Women's Championship title run, it honestly could have damaged her even more in the end.

The Raw brand hasn't been doing many favors for their female babyfaces recently. Alexa Bliss has come out looking great through it all, but it might not turn out to be the best recipe for a Women's Division if it doesn't appear as though there's anyone who can appropriately challenge for her title.

WWE booked Bayley to lose in San Jose and kept booking her to fail after that in pretty frequent fashion. It seemed to kill a ton of her momentum. After The Hugger was injured and had to give her SummerSlam spot to Sasha it seemed the same kind of booking followed The Boss.

"We've seen so many times through the years if you do these one week, two week title runs as a babyface, if you lose and it's in the story -- that's fine." Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "But if you lose because you can't win [...] and with Sasha Banks this isn't the first time."

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During Sasha's run with the Raw Women's Title this time around (as short of a run as it was) Alexa Bliss was throwing bombs at her saying Banks didn't know how to successfully defend her championship.

"The fact they pointed it out beforehand and still did it" Meltzer continued. "It's like you could not script a way for someone not to get over more than what they've done with Sasha Banks in the last three weeks including winning the championship which is gonna help her not get over even more."

Whether they're planning something special for Nia Jax or maybe laying the groundwork for Asuka to jump to the main roster, anything is always a possibility. But for now it doesn't look like the Raw brand has the strongest female babyfaces due to this kind of booking.

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