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Where have the WWE Slammy Awards gone?

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Where have the WWE Slammy Awards gone?

WWE’s yearly award ceremony hasn’t been seen for a while but people who remember The Slammys for what they once were can see why. Instead of something where the WWE roster comes together as a community to honor their own, it was kind of turned into a gimmick night on Raw.

There have been rumors that WWE nixed the Slammys a couple years ago but there’s always the possibility it could be headed back. Mike Johnson said recently that WWE cancelled the plans for any more Slammy Awards because they were looking for new concepts so they didn’t carry on with the ceremony.

But give it a couple of years and WWE will certainly be able to find a new way to implement this great idea. After all, the Slammy Awards have been around since 1986 when Junkyard Dog won the Slammy for best singles performer. Although there were some years where we had a break from the idea, it’s always come back.

Therefore, the Slammy Awards might be gone, but they’re not forgotten, and they very well could be back whenever WWE needs them.

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