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Will RVD be back with WWE?; Another name in the WWE Hall of Fame

As we mentioned this week, Rob Van Dam was meeting with WWE in Los Angeles when Raw was in town. RVD lives in the area and he went to find out if the company had plans to use him at WrestleMania. The call not to use RVD was made by Triple H. RVD may have ruffled some feathers because the company was not happy when he chose to go home after his last deal (90 day deal) as up.

Cyndi Lauper is another name being looked at for the WWE Hall of Fame this year. It would make sense to have her go in with Mr. T since she played just as big a part as Mr. T did with getting all of the media buzz for WrestleMania 1.

So far here's how the WWE Hall of Fame is looking like this year:

- Ultimate Warrior

- Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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- Lita

- Mr. T (he has reportedly agreed)

- Cyndi Lauper (not official)

- Paul Bearer (not officially announced but he's likely to be inducted)

- Stacy Keibler is also possible if they make a deal with her