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WrestleMania plans will need to be changed as Shane McMahon remains hospitalized (updated)

WrestleMania is less than two weeks away and just when it looked like WWE had the entire card ready to go, Shane McMahon experiences a major setback and now he’s in the hospital awaiting surgery.

But before he can go under the knife, his doctors need to get rid of a massive infection in his body because Shane was already in pretty rough shape when he was checked into the New York area hospital which he currently resides in.

“Shane McMahon was diagnosed with diverticulitis,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio, “so that match at WrestleMania is gonna have to be changed. The Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens match which likely was gonna get announced [on SmackDown Live].”

“I guess he went to the Carribean and while there he developed a massive infection due to diverticulitis. He was hospitalized in Antigua, flown back to New York and he’s currently hospitalized with a heavy dose of antibiotics.”

“He also suffered an umbilical hernia which they’re crediting to that attack by Owens and Zayn but he suffered a hernia as well. So he’ll need surgery on that after the infection goes away so he’s in really rough shape. That hernia surgery is a pretty bad one. It’s not unusual but it’s a very, very painful surgery and the diverticulitis is a pretty bad deal as well.”

“So he’s probably not gonna be around for awhile and I asked around about what’s gonna happen and it all kinda broke in the last couple days but I guess [on SmackDown Live] we’ll have a lot better idea. They’re probably gonna have to switch courses and go another direction. Maybe Daniel Bryan getting another tag team partner would be the most likely situation.”

This more than proves that you never know what will happen in pro wrestling. Even when something unexpected like Daniel Bryan’s medical clearance happens to create a new opportunity there’s always the chance of something even more unpredictable coming around the corner.

Let’s hope Shane McMahon is okay and can make it through this because it sounds like his medical issues are rather awful. But WWE still has WrestleMania to book and after bringing Daniel Bryan back into the fold as an active competitor, they need to figure something out quickly for him to do at the Show Of Shows.

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