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WWE could avoid suspending Roman Reigns even if evidence of PED purchases are proven



Roman Reigns is not only involved in the build-up to WrestleMania 34 but he also might be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next documentary from filmmaker Jon Bravo. It is alleged Bravo obtained evidence from accused and convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez that proves Roman Reigns and Rodriguez not only had communication but The Big Dog was also a client.

Jon Bravo is claiming Roman's 2016 WWE suspension was for something he bought from Rodriguez's company. But it turns out WWE could see it like Reigns has already served his time as far as a suspension is concerned so it might be water under the bridge.

"It does not look good that Roman Reigns said, 'I've never heard of this guy, I've never met this guy'" Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live. He went on to say how it could be possible Reigns bought something from a guy and he had no idea who ran to the company.

But a precedent set by Randy Orton could create a loophole so WWE won't have to suspend Reigns for 60 days. During the Signature Pharmacy fiasco in 2007, WWE didn't suspend Orton because he had previously served out a suspension for failing a drug test. Dave Meltzer continued speaking on the lengths WWE would go through in order to keep from suspending Roman Reigns on the Road To WrestleMania but first chimed in on Orton's situation twenty-one years ago.

"That was the explanation but it makes no sense because [Orton] was still getting packages after the date of the suspension that he served, so it was a way not to suspend Randy Orton essentially," Meltzer said. He went on to explain how much like how they saved The Viper, WWE could do the same for The Big Dog.

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"In theory, but what if he got packages after July 2016 then that would be new” Meltzer said about Roman Reigns. “But they can do whatever they want, see what I’m saying? I’m just saying it’s a pretty weak explanation if he was still doing it after his suspension, to me that makes no sense.”

The precedent could have been set so even if they have some kind of hard evidence on Reigns that he bought PEDs after his 2016 suspension WWE could still consider it time-served.

“They’ll tie themselves in knots to not suspend Roman Reigns at WrestleMania season, sure. I could see them twisting the policy in some way for that” Meltzer continued.

Therefore, unless there is some really alarming evidence in Jon Bravo’s documentary it looks like Roman Reigns could still get out of this one with just a little backstage heat instead of a full-on suspension.

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