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WWE could be sending main roster stars to NXT in next Superstar Shake-Up



There have been a lot of rumors concerning Vince McMahon's desire for another Superstar Shake-up. The last one they tried after WrestleMania resulted in what many believe to be weaker shows and low ratings. While it's not fair to blame one event on the audience's lack of response it might very well be a contributing factor.

Dave Meltzer confirmed in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE might very well be doing another shake-up very soon. But this time there could be some very interesting moves.

He said there are definitely reports of roster moves in the fall and there are even some proposed ideas. WWE likes the fact that Superstar Shake-ups and Drafts seem to do good numbers and could use another shot in the arm when it comes to ratings. WWE is also considering making a few changes that weren't on the table last time around.

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It is being discussed to send one or more wrestlers down to NXT during the next Superstar Shake-up. No names have been released yet but the idea is to send down some people who Vince McMahon isn't going to push or who simply aren't getting over with the crowds. They could also send some people to NXT who could be useful in developmental. But with the way these kind of shows work the Superstars themselves usually don't even know if they're going to be called. So just imagine the shock to find out as a WWE Superstar you're going back to NXT.

It is important to remember a popular saying in WWE is "everything is a test," so if a Superstar is chosen to take their talents down to Full Sail it's not the end of the road for them. They might actually come out looking even better in the situation if they capitalize on the opportunity.

Only time will tell, but that is apparently what they're batting around backstage.

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