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WWE Extreme Rules: Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler with a unique stipulation



In the semi-main event of The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, Drew McIntyre put his WWE Championship on the line against his former friend Dolph Ziggler in a stipulation match. The stipulation was announced by Ziggler. Ziggler had promised that the stipulation would be something never seen before.

Notes written during the match:

Before the match got started, Ziggler said he is smarter than McIntyre and he announced that the stipulation is Extreme Rules for Dolph Ziggler only. Also, McIntyre could lose the title if he gets counted out or disqualified. McIntyre was forced to stay within the rules of the match while Ziggler could do anything he wanted. This is WWE's attempt to try to make fans think that Ziggler has a chance at winning the match.

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Dolph tried to use a steel chair but McIntyre blocked it. McIntyre had to toss the chair, per the rules of the match. Ziggler also brought a table into the match. McIntyre picked up Ziggler for a suplex at ringside but he had to slam him on the floor instead of through the table, per the rules of the match.

Back in the ring, Ziggler nailed McIntyre with several chair shots to the back. They ended up fighting again at ringside and McIntyre ended up taking a famouser off the announce table and to the floor. Back in the ring, Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold but McIntyre powered out of it by pulling Ziggler off of him but McIntyre hurt his shoulder on the ring post. McIntyre fought back and was about to hit the Claymore but Ziggler caught him in the leg with a chair and a zig zag. McIntyre was able to kick out of the pin attempt.

Ziggler did a diving elbow onto McIntyre through a table at ringside as the ref began to count but McIntyre made it back in the ring at the count of 9. Ziggler went back in the ring but McIntyre caught him with the Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Ziggler fought back with the famouser and zig zag and a Rock Bottom onto a chair but McIntyre kicked out. Ziggler was about to set up for a superkick but McIntyre surprised him with the Claymore. McIntyre pinned him to retain the title.

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