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WWE Extreme Rules: Rey Mysterio lost his eye



The Eye For An Eye Match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins took place at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules. The only way to win the match was to take the opponent's eye out...literally.

Notes written during the match:

Both men each tried to go for each other's eye in the opening minute. Rollins brought a kendo stick into the match. There was a nasty looking Falcon Arrow from Rollins to the back of Mysterio on the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring. After that move, Rollins tried to tear at Mysterio's eye again. Rollins tried to use a rebar as a weapon but Mysterio ducked out of the way but Rollins was able to catch up to him and he went for the eye again and then he drove Rey into the barricade.

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Rollins tossed Rey into the ring and he was about to jam the kendo stick into the eye but Rey fought back but then Rollins shoved Rey out of the ring and Rey slid onto a flat table on the floor. Rey was finally able to fight back by using a chair but it was a brief comeback as Rollins got some tools to try to take Rey's eye out. Rey was able to buy some time when he tripped up Rollins and Rollins face hit the corner of the announcer's table. Again, Rollins was back on offense and he used rope to try to tie Mysterio to the bottom rope but Rey fought back again and Rey used his legs to ram Rollins into the steel post. Back in the ring, Rey took kendo shots to the ribs and back. Seth tried to ram Rey's eye into a kendo stick wedged into the corner but Rey blocked it and then he hit a flurry of offense, including a frog splash off the top. Rey looked like he was going for a Destroyer but Seth countered and Rey was planted face-first on the mat. Rollins went for the stomp but Rey moved and countered into a tornado DDT. The action spilled to ringside and Rey was able to flip Rollins into the barricade and one more time but this time Rey dove through the ropes before he flipped Rollins with extra force into the barricade. Rey then broke apart the kendo stick to make it sharp so he could jab it into Seth's eye. Rey then hit a 619 as Seth covered up his right eye. At ringside, Mysterio hit Rollins with a stomp. Rey shoved Seth's eye into the point of the steel steps but Seth his Rey with a low blow and then a superkick to the face. Seth then hit Rey with a stomp and then he shoved Rey's eye into the steps. The match ended and Seth could be seen throwing up at ringside because, apparently, he saw Rey lose his eye. The trainers walked out and helped Rey to the back.

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