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WWE Hall Of Famer says Carmella stole everything he used to do



Micahel PS Hayes is a WWE Hall Of Famer and member of the Fabulous Freebirds faction. The boys from Badstreet USA were responsible for changing the business in many ways and even have a rule dedicated in their honor which the New Day has really taken advantage of in the past.

Therefore, Hayes isn't shy about staking his claim when someone borrows from him. Now as an integral piece of the puzzle backstage, Hayes is free to help shape the current product as well as inspire everyone around him. He also looks great in a fanny pack.

One fan asked Carmella where she came up with the moonwalking bit during her entrance and said he only remembered Michael Hayes doing it before her. When the WWE Hall Of Famer Freebird saw this, he spoke up saying that's not all Carmella has stolen from him because she also spells out "Fabulous" on a regular basis.

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This was all in fun though as Mella tweeted back that his fanny pack was next. One fan chimed in and suggested that Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson donate one of their "Doot doot doot" fanny packs that they sell dedicated to PS Hayes and that sounded like a swell idea to him. So maybe Mella might be getting her own fanny pack out of the deal so she can continue lifting from one of the greatest.

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