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WWE Payback results: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are the new Women’s Tag Team Champions

Bayley and Sasha Banks put their Women’s Tag Team Championship on the line against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax at WWE Payback. WWE has been playing up that Banks and Bayley are heading for a split soon.

Notes written during the match in real-time:

There was a point in the match where Jax was knocked off the ring apron and she hurt her knee when she landed. This gave Bayley and Banks the opportunity to double team Baszler. Jax got back into the match while favoring her knee. She grabbed Banks and rag-dolled her into the barricade at ringside. Jax then tagged in to take on Bayley.

When Baszler tagged in, she hit a flurry of offense including several knees to the face on both Bayley and Banks. Bayley and Banks were able to turn things around. Bayley hit an elbow off the top and Banks followed up with a frog splash but Jax kicked out of the pin attempt. Bayley also hit a sliding knee on Jax but Jax kicked out. Baszler tagged in but Bayley and Banks didn’t see it so Baszler was able to get in some offense. Baszler had a leg lock on Banks and Kirafuta Clutch on Bayley at the same time. Baszler used Banks arm to choke out Bayley. Bayley tapped out.

Charly Caruso interviewed the champions after the match, Nia Jax just wanted to celebrate. Bayley and Banks were still at ringside with sad looks on their face.

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