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WWE reportedly has some big plans for Chad Gable



American Alpha are no more and you can thank a Maury-level segment on Monday Night Raw for the break up. When Kurt Angle announced Jason Jordan was his son and the newest addition to Raw it was the proverbial kill shot to American Alpha's run as a team.

Chad Gable got to have a sit-down interview segment with Renee Young on SmackDown Live this week and that's not a bad spot to be in. Those segments are usually reserved for guys who are involved in serious story lines. So if you were wondering why WWE bestowed this kind of honor onto Chad Gable, then there might be a pretty good reason.

Cage Side Seats reports WWE has big plans to push Gable in the next few weeks. With Jason Jordan reportedly receiving the same kind of push over on Raw we really couldn't be happier for the former NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Champions. It would have been nice to see WWE use them as a team more effectively but both of those guys can go and a singles career for both of them might just work.

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WWE officials were reportedly impressed with Chad Gable's recent singles matches with AJ Styles and Kevin Owens so that's a good feather in his cap too. If you remember back in NXT, Jason Jordan had been around a long time and was underutilized until Gable joined him to form American Alpha. The two premier talents started to impress from there and had a great run together. Imagine how amazing a match between the two could eventually be.

Although it's unclear just how they're going to push Gable, it appears he will be featured in a bigger role in the weeks to come. So that's exciting for people who enjoy great matches.

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