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WWE reportedly still tweaking WrestleMania card in a big way



The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is a time when a lot of guys can get a WrestleMania payday at once, only if they're on the kickoff show then unfortunately they're not getting on the DVD release. However, this over-the-top rope match has seen a lot of popularity as well as setbacks in the short time it's been a thing.

We reported this week that WWE could be considering a cut meaning the men's battle royal match will not be happening in New Orleans. But now it turns out that WWE could have even more plans for WrestleMania as their theme seems to be to include as many WWE Superstars as possible at the Grandest Stage Of Them All this time around.

"A couple of days ago I was talking about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal," Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live. "I said there may not be one and there was gonna be a women's battle royal, probably a Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal. Now again, let me preface this by saying I saw a lot of people on the internet saying that I stated there would not be a men's battle royal. I did not say that. Until the WrestleMania card is finalized, who even knows?"

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"But they have now been discussing a men's and women's battle royal at WrestleMania. So I guess one would be in the preshow, one on the main show. The show's gonna be 6 hours long. We've got a lot of multi-person matches. The gimmick is to get as many people on the WrestleMania card as possible."

It would be a good idea if WWE booked a men's and women's battle royal match for Mania this year. Alvarez went on to say that it certainly fits in with WWE's recent booking pattern of doing the same for women as they do for men. From the Money In The Bank, Elimination Chamber, and Royal Rumble now the women could also get a big multi-person battle royal at the Show Of Shows.

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