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WWE star off TV due to a contract dispute



It looks like the contract issues between Rusev and WWE are not resolved so there is a chance that he might go elsewhere.

Earlier this week, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE has nothing for Rusev, which is why he hasn't been on TV in the last couple of weeks. In a follow-up, Meltzer reports that Rusev and WWE are in a contract dispute. There is no word on what has led to the dispute but Rusev recently noted on social media that he would be a free agent soon.

Rusev was originally advertised for the Men's Royal Rumble match but the company announced that he was pulled with the storyline reason given that he and Lashley were in a fight backstage. The last time he was seen on TV was on the January 20th episode of Raw where he tagged with Liv Morgan against Lashley and Lana in a losing effort.

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On Raw this week, it looked like WWE may have begun to move past the Rusev/Lana/Lashley/Morgan feud as Morgan has begun a feud with Ruby Riott. While many believed that Rusev would end up signing a new deal, it looks like there's a chance he may end up leaving the company if the contract dispute is not settled.

For what it's worth, Rusev recently changed his Twitter bio from "soon to be a free agent" to "add a bio to your profile."