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WWE SummerSlam results: Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles with special referee Shane McMahon

The United States Championship was on the line at the 30th edition of WWE SummerSlam as Kevin Owens challenged AJ Styles but the big question going into this match was whether special referee Shane McMahon could call the match down the line. McMahon’s wife and kids were shown at ringside before the match started. Owens complained to McMahon throughout the match.

Late in the match, Styles was going to attempt a move from the top rope and it looked like Owens, as he was struggling to stand up, fell into McMahon. Styles hit an inverted 450 splash onto Owens but McMahon was hovering over Owens and took most of the brunt from Styles’ splash. That was not the end of the match, though. McMahon had the worst luck because he was knocked out of the ring when Owens shoved Styles into him. Owens tapped to the calf crusher but McMahon was still trying to regain his bearings at ringside. Styles became upset and shoved McMahon. McMahon shoved him back and that allowed Owens to roll up Styles and he almost got a pinfall.

Late in the match, they did an awesome back and forth sequence with punches and kicks and then Styles hit the Styles Clash but Owens kicked out at 2. Owens got back on offense and hit the Pop up Powerbomb and pinned Styles but Shane waived it off when he realized that Styles had his foot on the bottom rope. Owens then got in McMahon’s face and shoved him. McMahon shoved back and Styles rolled him up. Owens kicked out on two but was hit with a Pele kick and the Phenomenal forearm. Styles followed up with the Styles Clash and then got the pin to retain the U.S. title.

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