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WWE Superstars upset with the Raw Brooklyn crowd but John Cena encourages them to have fun



There were a few WWE Superstars upset with the Raw crowd on Monday night. As we noted here on the site, there were some fans kicked out by security because they were playing with a beach ball. But, if anyone in WWE wants to point the finger at someone then they can point at John Cena. During the main event, Cena encouraged the fans to do the wave and during a post-show segment, he encouraged them to keep doing it.

"First, that was one hell of a wave. Everybody is gonna remember this audience when they replay this episode of Monday Night Raw over and over and over..."

He commended the crowd for doing the wave and playing with a beach ball. Cena then joked that there's a few security guards that he is not fond of and he loves an audience that loves to have fun.

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"You wanted to bring out a beach ball, call a security guard an a-hole, rocked this place with a wave, and let everybody know Monday Night Raw was coming from the BK. Peep it like this - I don't know if this is or isn't my yard, but I do know that this is definitely my family and I love to see my family having fun. You guys made might night by kicking ass as an audience. I hope you have a great one."

You can hear what Cena said by clicking on the video below and scroll down further for WWE Producer Road Dogg's response to the crowd:

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