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You'll be surprised to find out who came up with the Gauntlet match on WWE Raw



If you were a fan of the gauntlet match that took place on Monday Night Raw, then chances are that you'll see it again in the near future because the match was a ratings success. The match accomplished several things. Seth Rollins came off like a mega Superstar because he pinned Roman Reigns and John Cena. They also set up a potential Rollins vs. Reigns match for later this year, if that is the direction they want to go in. The match also proved that fans are interested in seeing more in-ring action and less talking.

So, who came up with the idea for the gauntlet match? Oftentimes, ideas are pitched by writers and they are filtered by the time they get to the top. However, the person that came up with the gauntlet match idea was Vince McMahon. They've done gauntlet matches before but they've never done one that spanned 2 hours and they certainly haven't done a match like this with one competitor wrestling throughout the entire first hour.

McMahon's idea surprised some in the company because he likes to put the storyline aspect of the product ahead of the in-ring action. Hopefully, McMahon took notes and this will lead to more in-ring action and less talking on Raw each week. We might not see changes right away but perhaps, this will cause McMahon to try something like this again.

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