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Aiden English is kind of a sore winner after defeating Sami Zayn on SmackDown Live

When fans saw a Sami Zayn vs Aiden English match placed in the middle of SmackDown Live most people thought it was just going to be a simple match in between the US Title match and the #1 contender match.

But Sami made his entrance before the commercial break and when they came back Aiden English got to waltz his way to the ring while he sang his whole entrance. It’s a gimmick that’s getting over well but it gives you a rare opportunity to hear his actual music because English rarely wins. But all that changed in Cleveland.

The Drama King rolled Sami Zayn up and secured a pinfall victory over The Underdog From The Underground. After the match, Sami looked just as shocked as we were.

It turns out Aiden English isn’t the best winner because he tweeted out the following message to gloat about his unexpected victory. He did say he was going to bring the pain to Sami Zayn, or at least roll him up for a quick pinfall.

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