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Alberto El Patron-WWE return update

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

As previously noted on the site, Alberto El Patron was at WWE headquarters last week and he met with Vince McMahon. If a deal is made to bring him back then I would not expect to see him back on TV until the fall, at the earliest. I say that because he has been announced for AAA's TripleMania show on August 25th and it's unlikely that WWE would want to bring him back until he has completed his scheduled commitments. The meeting with McMahon is interesting because people at Impact Wrestling are hoping to sign him to a new deal before it expires next month.

He also announced plans to open a new restaurant in San Antonio. The previous establishment closed down back in October.

El Patron has said publicly in the past that he would like one more run with WWE on a part-time schedule and he'd like for that to happen in 2019. He also said that he has talked with Triple H and he has apologized for some of his rants against him made last year. According to him, he was misled by Paige's family into thinking that WWE was out to get him.

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