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Baron Corbin reveals when he found out he was losing the Money In The Bank briefcase

A WWE Superstar can work their entire career for a moment like winning the Money In The Bank briefcase but it turns out even that can be over in the blink of an eye.

Corbin lost his MITB briefcase on the go-home SmackDown Live before SummerSlam when John Cena distracted him allowing Jinder Mahal to hit a Khallas and burn up the Lone Wolf’s big chance to claim the gold. It was not a happy moment for him, to say the least.

All Things Wrestling Radio recently had a chance to get Baron Corbin to talk about his Money In The Bank cash-in attempt where The Lone Wolf revealed he had very little time to say goodbye to his blue briefcase.

“It was kinda like an hour before [SmackDown Live]. We discussed, and then they made a decision that was gonna be the night. It didn’t work out, but, yeah it was definitely about an hour before. I mean, it’s the fun part of this business. You never know what your day is gonna hold. Some things could be very, very last minute. It could be at that very last second. So, it’s pretty wild, and it keeps you on your toes. That’s for sure.”

Some people actually blamed an article we published here on Corbin’s MITB briefcase loss. After all, it did spark a rather unfortunate confrontation on social media with Dave Meltzer. But for whatever reason, WWE decided to have Corbin drop the briefcase and it happened at a very unexpected time.

It’s just a shame Baron Corbin was added to the short list of unsuccessful cash-ins instead of the category of people who seized the moment differently.

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