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Dave Meltzer says Baron Corbin is an example of WWE’s “fetish with tall guys”

Baron Corbin is the Lone Wolf and Mr. Money In The Bank, those two things make a combination for domination indeed. He could strike at any time with his briefcase and cash in that contract for a WWE Title shot. Lots of people are looking at SummerSlam as Corbin’s big day, but who knows what will really happen? Also, if he does cash in his MITB briefcase would he even be successful facing someone like Shinsuke Nakamura or Jinder Mahal.

It’s also important to remember there are two briefcases floating around SmackDown Live and Carmella’s has been somewhat ignored. With James Ellsworth’s return (which he totally gave away) who knows when The Princess of Staten Island will start her feud with Naomi. Dave Meltzer said on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Mella and The Glow were set to have a program soon. So if the title was on Carmella it would only make sense. That glowing belt would look pretty snazzy around Ellsworth’s waist.

WWE couldn’t possibly cash in both briefcases in the same PPV (or could they?)

But Meltzer went on to discuss the possibility of Baron Corbin cashing in his briefcase and argued he just isn’t ready. Dave compared him to Jinder Mahal where he said Mahal’s body is way better “but probably cleaner” than Corbin’s, he works better promos, and he has better facial expressions. But Meltzer didn’t stop there as he continued to make his point Baron Corbin isn’t ready for a main event run as a singles star just yet.

“I’m not saying Baron Corbin should never get pushed down the line or anything like that if he improves, that’s fine. But him as World Champion now… at least with Jinder there’s an excuse but Baron Corbin it’s just like it’s their freaking fetish with tall guys. It’s like, what has he done? What great matches has Baron Corbin had with anybody? You know, nothing. What great promos has he done?”

“His promos suck. Has he improved? Yes, he’s improved a lot. Yes, he can be in a tag team main event when he’s in there with AJ Styles and Sami Zayn and do his part? Yes, yes he’s okay there with Kevin Owens as a partner. Can he be a bully to Sami Zayn in an undercard match and have an average undercard match? Yes, he can. That’s not a world champion” Meltzer concluded.

I think it’s safe to say Dave Meltzer doesn’t think Baron Corbin is ready to be WWE World Champion and he’s not alone. This conversation was initiated by speculating The Lone Wolf was going to cash in his MITB briefcase at SummerSlam. But in the end, they wondered if WWE could swerve us all and keep the title on Mahal.

Who knows what WWE will do at this point? The SummerSlam card is taking shape and so is the Road To WrestleMania. Jinder Mahal might hold that title until WrestleMania 38 for all we know if Vince McMahon keeps believing in him. If Baron Corbin’s name is called at SummerSlam to run with the title, then let’s hope he’s ready to perform because he’ll have plenty of eyes watching him very closely.

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