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Big match scheduled for next week's WWE Raw, did WWE bury Emma? + more news and notes



WWE is continuning their recent trend of announcing Monday Night Raw matches a week or so in advance.

Next week's show will be headlined by a Triple Threat Match pitting Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe against each other. I just want to add that I am so happy to see Joe being pushed as a main eventer. He's done a tremendous job a heel on the Raw roster, especially during the last month for his feud with Lesnar.

Also announced for next week is a Miz TV segment with Jason Jordan as The Miz' special guest. They will be in Pittsburgh next week, the hometown of Jordan's "dad" Kurt Angle.

Several readers asked us if Emma was being buried on Monday Night Raw. All I know is that she went on Twitter last week and expressed frustration about not being featured on Raw and having to sit backstage during her 5th anniversary with the company. I don't know this for sure but that squash match with Nia Jax sure seemed like a burial. On the flip side, Nia Jax looked very impressive this week. Check out a clip from her match with Emma below:

Goldust was not featured on this week's Raw (except briefly in the pull-apart during the opening segment) but WWE has posted an online exclusive. Goldust cut another old school promo and said that he is looking for inspiration for his next project. So, I guess this means that his feud with R-Truth is done.

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Check out Goldust' promo below:

In addition to Wale, there were some guests in attendance from the Milwaukee Brewers at Monday Night Raw. As seen below, Oliver Drake, Eric Thames, and Brett Phillips were at the show.

WWE has announced three for matches for SummerSlam. Click here for the updated card.

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