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Bo Dallas Totally Believes Aliens And The Illuminati Are Real



Bo Dallas might be sitting pretty as a member of the Miztourage but the former NXT Champion (yeah, he was an NXT Champion) has been trying to find his place in the world since he jumped to the WWE main roster after being ejected from Full Sail Arena. That's what happened, he left NXT kicking and screaming while security guards pulled off with him in a golf cart. If you don't believe us just Google it and you can thank us later because it was excellent.

Bo recently sat down with Chris Jericho on an episode of Talk Is Jericho where he went into some of his personal beliefs in an entirely different matter. If you've ever seen a really good conspiracy theory video and said to yourself, "that kind of makes sense" then you're not alone. Because Bo Dallas is right there with you. He spoke about his belief in the Hollow Earth Theory where Aliens are living under our soil to the Illuminati's control.

Dallas went on to reason his beliefs and justified the way he felt by evidence and knowledge he's picked up along the way.

“Even if it’s not true and you want to call me crazy, it’s funnier, so much more fun, to live life and question and to wonder. I want to know more. If it’s not real, then screw it. … For me, it’s funnier to believe than to not believe. So, everything, I like to believe it before I don’t believe it. … I question but I also accept"

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"So, everything, I like to believe it before I don’t believe it. … I question but I also accept knowledge that is given to me. If I learn or am told something and I did the research and it was debunked I would believe it. If the facts were there, I would say obviously it makes sense. But to not question at all is ridiculous.”

This kind of gives the catchphrase "I Bolieve" a whole new meaning, eh?

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