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Bruce Prichard says Shawn Michaels & Triple H nixed Vince Russo's idea to add another wrestler to DX



It's hard to imagine D-Generation X any different because it was a perfect unit, especially the original line-up. They were juvenile yet had the ability to back up their antics with legit wrestling ability and ring psychology. Even after Triple H had to take DX to the next chapter when Shawn Michaels went on his long hiatus, Trips surrounded himself with people who got the job done.

D-Generation X weren't just guys who jumped around yelling "suck it"... well, they did that too but also so much more. However, Bruce Prichard recently revealed on an episode of Something To Wrestle With if it were left up to Vince Russo the history of D-Generation X would have been very different.

"So [Vince Russo] envisioned Test being a part of DX early on" Prichard said. "Hunter hated it, Shawn hated it, everybody hated it. And Russo made the comment that '[Test] is as big as Kevin Nash but he's younger and he'll be better.' And that of course set Shawn and Hunter off -- 'he's no Kevin Nash.'"

"And then on top of that, and again we don't know this from a talent relations side -- this is when I was really just doing talent relations, getting in new talent. From my vantage point I wanted Test in developmental so he could go out and learn and get better because he was a big guy and had a lot of potential. He wasn't ready for prime time by any stretch of the imagination. I didn't realize Russo already had this idea for him and had already approached people about it. I was like, 'he can't go man he's not ready -- he's not seasoned, he's just not ready yet."

"So he's at TV -- he being Test and I guess Hunter and Shawn were talking to him and found out he had only had like five matches in front of people at that time. So five matches and Russo wants to make him a part of DX... he wasn't ready. So that's a little back story on Test. We did think that he had potential, we did think that there was a big upside to him, but he kinda was missing 'it' throughout his career. He never got really to that next level."

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Conrad Thompson asked Bruce whether Triple H cut the legs out from underneath Test by not letting him be a part of DX, "that was why it didn't happen because he was young," Prichard replied. "That was the very first introduction of [Test]. And that was the first time Test was introduced. He had no right to be in that position, he wasn't ready."

"Hunter did not want to work with him, Shawn didn't wanna work with him. Cause that was the beginning of his career right there."

Sometimes in pro wrestling it's fun to sit back and think about those big "what ifs" and Test's career is certainly one of those instances. If he would have only gotten the training he needed before being introduced to the WWE Universe maybe things would have been different for him. Also, perhaps Vince Russo didn't do Test any favors trying to pitch him as a member of DX. Either way the story of Andrew Martin should be one to learn from in many respects.

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