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Chris Jericho calls out Vince McMahon to re-hire WWE producer



Chris Jericho responded to a tweet from former WWE star and producer Lance Storm, who noted that he’s currently unemployed. This is the first time since 1994 that he’s been in this situation.

Of course, Storm was let go by WWE in April due to budget cuts. At the time, it was reported that some producers who were furloughed could be brought back to the company once they start running house shows again.

The former AEW World Heavyweight Champion responded to the tweet sent out by Storm by writing the following:

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"In this biz? That's a hell of a run! Now @WWE and Vince McMahon need to pull their heads out of their collective asses and re-hire you! #lanceisagenius"

The history between Storm and Jericho dates back to the early 90s when they started out in the pro wrestling business where they met at the Hart Brothers School of Wrestling while training.

Jericho and Storm would later team together while working in Japan, Mexico, and later Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Jericho stated earlier this year that he would want Storm to be his final opponent.