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Cody Rhodes reacts to Goldust using his finisher on WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Mandy Rose and Goldust really made a great team this week on the WWE Mixed Match Challenge even though she was a replacement for an injured Alicia Fox.

But no matter how well the members of Rose Gold did, they still had a pretty formidable team in Jimmy Uso and Naomi to contend with. I’m not going to spoil the results of the match, but there’s a reason why the viewership spiked a little from last week. In all honesty, these four put on a pretty good match.

During the encounter, Goldust threw out a nice little nod to his brother Cody Rhodes as he hit a Crossroads on Uce. When Cody saw his brother borrowing his own move, he only had one thing to say which was, “nailed it.”

It might be nice to see the Rhodes Brothers reunite eventually in the ring. But in the meantime at least they can communicate like this in the ring. Now I want to to see if Cody throws in a Shattered Dreams on Kenny Omega during Supercard Of Honor.

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