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Curt Hawkins achieved historic record this week



Sometimes it's harder to bowl a perfect 0 in a game than get a 300. This is why Curt Hawkins' losing streak has not only sparked his own t-shirt but also why everytime he loses a match he is one step closer to achieving something rather impressive.

While some might say he's not trying to win at this point, it's kind of a moot point seeing how WWE is predetermined. But for whatever reason, the win/loss record WWE has concocted for Hawkins is rather impressive and those are the facts.

The former WWE and TNA Tag Team Champion recently tweeted out that he should dedicate the title of his autobiography to his outstanding losing streak. Apparently, he's pulling a "Reverse Goldberg" which is a mighty positive slant to put on things. Either way, whenever Curt Hawkins finally pulls down his first WWE win since 2016, something needs to be made of it.

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