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Daniel Bryan says "Smacking Talk" has already been shut down



Well, it was fun while it lasted but now we can look back at the first episode of Smacking Talk and also enjoy it as the series finale. Because apparently someone has "shut down" the bootleg version of Talking Smack. But at least you can WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE HERE and enjoy every moment of the absurdity. Daniel Bryan revealed he was Chad Gable's father it was just priceless.

But now the amazing show is no more because someone got in the way of awesomeness yet again. To be honest, it might have caused some problems with the stories eventually so it was probably for the best. After all, Daniel Bryan did reveal he was Chad Gable's father in the first episode.

Daniel Bryan tweeted out a message to fans of the short-lived show that the show is canceled but they'll keep fighting the good fight. But at least he was able to get the band back together for one episode of streaming fun.

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So fight the good fight, whatever that is. Knowing Bryan is probably has a lot to do with gardening and being a dad.

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