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Dave Meltzer reacts to JBL's Twitter attack on his credibility

Jim Wilson/The New York Times/ WWE

Jim Wilson/The New York Times/ WWE

JBL went off on Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer in a rather lengthy Twitter rant on Tuesday night and you can read everything he said here. It didn't take long for Wrestling Twitter to stir up representatives from both sides as the drama continued to build.

This entire thing seemed to build after JBL joined a conversation Dave Meltzer was having on Twitter about the Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard podcast.

Meltzer praised Conrad Thompson for his research and said in another time they might be doing a show together, but the podcast is a comedy which sparked a discussion about the validity of news.

This prompted Bruce Prichard to say: "To my point. I tell stories about my actual experiences in an entertaining manner. I don't make sh-t up and don't perpetuate rumor and innuendo bullsh-t and untruths. I guess that's difficult for someone to understand. Especially those who have never experienced it."

JBL soon spoke up and said that Bruce tells his audience that the former WWE Champion spent $500 on a haircut which is untrue because as JBL said, "I've never paid over $475 for a haircut." But he does have awesome hair so it's money well spent.

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The former SmackDown announcer also said, "we not only laughed about how wrong these 'news' sites were, we fed them bogus info they always jumped on in order to swerve the fans. Hard to believe anyone still pays attention to these guys."

Everything seemed to be fine and everyone was having a great time until one fan said, "It's hard to believe anyone pays attention to [Peter Rosenberg] and [Sam Roberts] but WWE hires them."

This comment about Rosenberg and Roberts sent John Bradshaw Layfield into the Twitter rant that caught everyone's attention.

But when Meltzer was asked about what JBL had to say about him he seemed to take it in stride. In fact, Meltzer said he sees it as a great compliment instead of a heated attack which is incredibly refreshing to hear.

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