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Details on Rey Mysterio's WWE return



When Rey Mysterio's theme song broke out in Philly during the Royal Rumble plenty of people were happy to see him. The crowd popped huge for Mr. 6-1-9 but as it turns out, there might not be too much more Mysterio on WWE television after the Rumble.

PW Insider reports the Royal Rumble was likely a one-off deal which was put together in the last week. It was kept a secret from most people in the company and it obviously worked very well to surprise a lot of people. However, it doesn't look like Mysterio will be sticking around unless WWE offers him a deal based on his tremendous reaction which was much better this time in Philly.

But if you're still wanting to see Rey Mysterio there could be hope that he will be able to work something out with Impact Wrestling because The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that those talks are still not dead.

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