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Edge never knows what kind of history he will dig up when going through his basement

Everyone hates cleaning, especially if you’re tasked with cleaning up the stuff you have in storage. One thing that can take an extra long amount of time is having to stop and marvel at some of the old stuff you find along the way. Whether it’s a high school yearbook, an old baseball card collection or a box of old Cabbage Patch Kid dolls the dangers of being side-tracked is just part of the game when you’re going through old storage.

The risk of being side-tracked is especially large if you’re someone like Edge with years of pro wrestling history in the boxes he’s long forgotten about. While doing some looking through his old things, Edge recently came across an old poster from a show we would have loved to gone to.

Stars like Rick Martel, Bad News Brown, Rip Rogers and many more including Edge and Christian themselves were advertised for the show. Edge was listed as “Sexton Hardcastle” and advertised as a WWF Superstar too so he’d already had a taste of the big time by that point. Or at least he was filling in as a local enhancement talent when the WWF came up for house shows.

For only $12 you could have sat ringside at this show. Video footage probably doesn’t exist but it’s really cool to see the advertisement. Edge has a copy of the poster suitable for framing too. We’d certainly hang it in the office.

Thanks for sharing, Edge.

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