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Why Tyler Breeze thought WWE was the only pro wrestling company is existence when he was a kid

WWE’s roster is full of ultimate fanboys and fangirls who are living their dreams as WWE Superstars. But one particular Superstar has a rather amusing story about why he is in WWE. It turns out Tyler Breeze was a huge pro wrestling fan when he was a kid but he only watched WWF because he thought Vince McMahon and Company were the only people doing pro wrestling.

Breeze and tag team partner Fandango recently sat down with Chris Jericho on an episode of Talk Is Jericho where Tyler explained exactly what kind of bubble he lived in as a kid that would give him the impression that pro wrestling was an exclusive concept to the McMahon’s Mountain of Musclemen.

“You know it’s kinda crazy man because I grew up just like in a small little town and I had two channels growing up” Tyler Breeze said. “It was just a small little town and I had a small TV with the bunny ears on it and I had two channels — two and seven — and WWF was the only [wrestling show] that came on. It was WWF Superstars on Saturday afternoon. Besides that, I had no clue any other wrestling existed.”

“I didn’t know about independents, I didn’t know about or anything” Breeze continued. “And I slowly — we used to have “Video Updates” — like the Blockbuster where I was. And you go there and get this deal, it was seven movies for seven days for $7 and my family would go, we’d chose the movies and I would always choose two movies and I would always choose these random wrestling ones.”

“But it would have these guys who I would have no clue who they were like Sting and Vader and all these guys and I’d go: ‘they’re not from WWF, I have no clue who these guys are’ — or I’d be like playing a WCW video game and I’d go ‘this must just be like made up [characters] — I don’t know who any of these guys are!'”

Tyler revealed how he began to become exposed to other pro wrestling companies and it was all thanks to a guy named Ralph.

“And I actually had a guy — his name was Ralph. He actually got cable, he was one of those guys who had all the channels so he’d record Raw for me. One time he actually messed up and he recorded an episode of Nitro. And all of a sudden I’m watching like all my favorites on Raw and all of a sudden it ends and I would see Goldberg vs Raven for the US Title, and I go: ‘what is this? Who are these guys?!’ And all of a sudden, it’s not like I could just hop on the internet [and check out who they were]” Tyler said he quickly realized WCW was a thing and it was rather mind blowing for the young Prince Pretty.

Breeze said he was “the perfect fan” but had no clue WCW or ECW even existed because he was from a small Canadian town with no real access to those programs. But he knew who Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart was, and that’s all that mattered to him back in the day.

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