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Former WWE star attends rehearsal for Women’s Royal Rumble match



On Friday evening, WWE held a rehearsal for the Women’s Royal Rumble match to make sure everyone knows their spots and go over the overall plan for the bout. reported there were over 30 women at the rehearsal, which is way more than the actual number talent needed for the bout. WWE brought in extra talents as a precautionary measure in case someone doesn't pass medical protocols today due to COVID-19. Some of the outside names in town for the show won’t work the match, but rather, are on standby or will film content for various WWE projects.

It was said former star Jillian Hall was in attendance for the rehearsal. It’s unclear whether she’s slated to work the match. Hall signed with WWE in 2003 where she spent time in WWE’s Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental system before going to the main roster in 2005 and was later released in 2010.

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During her time in WWE, Hall is probably best remembered as JBL’s “image consultant” and she also had a singing gimmick. Hall worked last year’s Women’s Royal Rumble match.