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Impact Wrestling still in talks to bring in former WWE Champion

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is doing a lot to establish themselves as a top pro wrestling company and that includes bringing in some big names. Although it seems there has been an exodus of sorts from the Anthem Sports owned wrestling promotion, it's still too early to count Impact Wrestling out. After all, they've dealt with having a revolving door of talent before.

Rey Mysterio was said to be in talks to join Impact Wrestling but they couldn't make anything work out. But it looks like those who would love to see Mr. 6-1-9 in Impact Wrestling shouldn't give up hope just yet.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that while there is nothing new in the situation between Rey Mysterio and Impact Wrestling, talks between the two sides are still not dead.

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The initial thinking was for Mysterio to come in and headline Impact Wrestling's Redemption pay-per-view which is scheduled for April 22nd so there's still time if they can work out some kind of deal.

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