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Is Bobby Roode headed to the WWE main roster after NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III?

bobby roode glorious nxt takeover brooklyn iii

NXT TakeOver: Brooyln III was amazing. A sea of rabid fans was in a frenzy all night for some of the best action we've seen on WWE Network in a long time. If you missed it and like to know exactly what happened, we've got you covered.

But now we are left to wonder what will happen next in NXT and what implications it could have on the main roster. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez spoke about this subject on Wrestling Observer Radio. But first, Dave Meltzer took some time to praise Saturday night's NXT special.

"The show was maybe the best WWE pay-per-view in a long, long time. I thought the show was tremendous. You had some cool storyline stuff, you had a couple title changes -- every match was good, most matches were great it was a very enthusiastic crowd. It was everything you'd ever want out of a show and more. I think pretty much most of the matches over delivered."

The idea is Adam Cole will be in the NXT main event scene with Drew McIntyre at this point. Meltzer noted Cole might get a run with the title eventually and his cohorts Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly look like they'll be headed into a program with SaNITy. These two feuds could be merged into a six-man tag match down the line and then branch off into different matches.

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But the most interesting part was when Meltzer noted Bobby Roode might finish up his rivalry with Roderick Strong or he could be going to the main roster soon. After all, Daniel Byran and Kurt Angle were in a skybox and it looked like they were scouting for new talent.

"The point is they were scouting because there are guys who are gonna be coming up soon," Bryan Alvarez said.

Meltzer noted there will be some changes to the main roster very soon. With Shelton Benjamin coming back home to WWE there are likely to be some other changes as well. Only time will tell if TakeOver: Brooklyn III was Bobby Roode's NXT swan song. But he did roll out pretty quickly after his loss to give up the ring for Drew and his angle with the ROH invasion.

If you haven't heard, there's been a TON of news during the last 24 hours. Here are some links that will help you get caught up on the big stories:

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