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It turns out Ronda Rousey might not have been the biggest Royal Rumble highlight after all

When Ronda Rousey popped into Philly and took part in a closing segment for the big Royal Rumble pay-per-view it garnered plenty of mainstream attention from all over the place.

But it turns out that if you’re going to interpret the social media response, then Ronda Rousey might not be able to compete with another attraction on the show. Rey Mysterio returned for what was said to be a one-off appearance to take part in the Royal Rumble match and as it turns out if you’re going to read into the numbers, Mr. 6-1-9 blew Rowdy Ronda out of the water when it comes to a viral response.

WWE’s video of Ronda Rousey’s emergence at the Royal Rumble has currently drawn 2.3 million views which is nothing to look down on. However, the video featuring Rey Mysterio’s Royal Rumble entrance has 6.4 million views.

This is a huge difference and if WWE pays attention to these numbers, it might be a good idea to call Rey Mysterio up and see what kind of deal they could work out. Because that kind of social media response is pretty staggering, especially in comparison to someone like Ronda Rousey debuting for WWE.

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