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John Cena is fighting Ford’s $500,000 lawsuit against him

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John Cena is fighting Ford’s $500,000 lawsuit against him

John Cena is firing back at Ford after the company filed a lawuit against him for selling one of their $500,000 cars.

The story, as first reported by TMZ, details a claim from Ford that says that their super rare “limited edition” Fort GT supercar was only selected for a few people to have the priviledge to buy the car. Cena was one of those people but, according to Ford, owners are not allow to sell the card for the first 24 months of ownership. They say that Cena broke the terms so he could sell it for profit.

Cena maintains that he didn’t do anything wrong because, according to court documents filed in Michigan, the final contract did not say anything about the 24-month no resale clause. He says that Ford didn’t put in that provision in the final contract so it was their screw up.

Cena wants the case to be thrown out by the judge.

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