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The latest on Rey Mysterio, when you will likely see him back in WWE

Rey Mysterio surprised a lot of people when he came back to WWE during the 2018 Royal Rumble. A lot of fans were happy to see him and automatically wanted Mysterio to make a WWE return and pick up where he left off. The only issue with that is Rey’s current obligations.

Not only did he already have a deal with New Japan in the works, but he also has commitments to work all over the world as well.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the “educated speculation” within the wrestling business is that Rey Mysterio will sign some kind of a contract with WWE but it might not even happen this year. This would also most likely be a part-time contract but at least it could lead Rey Mysterio back to WWE.

It’s possible Mysterio could sign a deal like Chris Jericho has where he’s able to work for WWE and pursue his other interests. The main difference would, of course, be that Mysterio’s other interests would probably include him wrestling elsewhere as well whereas Jericho’s other interests fall in music.

It might be unheard of for this kind of deal to get signed at this point but as it was noted, since Triple H is in charge of talent relations now and although Vince McMahon might nix this kind of deal it could also bring a lot of interest back to WWE if Rey Mysterio is able to work elsewhere during a part-time WWE run much like Jericho did when he performed with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

But there is no telling how WWE might lean at this point. The important part is that there is certainly interest in bringing Rey Mysterio back to WWE.

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