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Jon Bravo confirms another name connected to steroid documentary is coming that’s bigger than the rest

Jon Bravo is currently working on a documentary about steroids and performance-enhancing drugs but he has become a little bit sidetracked as of late due to all the attention he received from mentioning Roman Reigns. He said there are 15 WWE Superstars from the past and present on this list, and it looks like there could be more information to come.

Accused and convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez has provided evidence to Bravo concerning Reigns as part of his files which were initially confiscated as part of the DEA’s bust of his operation. Bravo uploaded videos to update fans of his status as he combs through the evidence and plans on releasing another video on Roman Reigns soon. It just takes some time because he wants to make sure all the information is legit first.

Bravo said through his Instagram stories, “I know a whole bunch of you guys are waiting on a video which I am working on because there’s so many things that I have to check and cross-reference and make sure it’s 100% accurate before I release it but it will be out soon.” He then went on to say that there is one more name coming which is “bigger than all the rest” but after that video is done, Bravo is going to have to take some time off of making the short update videos in order to focus on his larger documentary project.

“Like I said, there’s bigger names than you’ve guys heard,” Bravo continued, “the main purpose of it is that it can help people relate more to the story and the message the film’s trying to portray to people. And it’s a message that’s gonna change things.”

Only time will tell who this new name is that Jon Bravo promises will be released, but it could only be a matter of time before he’s making headlines once more by confirming another name connected to Wellness Fitness Nutrition and Richard Rodriguez.

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