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Kairi Sane is leaving WWE



Dave Meltzer is reporting in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Kairi Sane is going to be returning to Japan to be with her husband.

This was first reported months ago by Meltzer and there was talk at the time that she would be leaving when her WWE contract expired. Meltzer noted that WWE has known about her wanting to leave by May and possibly earlier than that.

Sane was legitimately hurt by Nia Jax recently when she was thrown into steel steps during a match on the 6/1 episode of Raw that was taped on 5/26. The show was taped so WWE edited out the blood and the extra seconds of the match where the referee checked on her.

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Meltzer noted that she hasn't been around for that reason but she is cleared and is listed for the next set of tapings and the idea, before the injury, was to eventually do a career-ending angle that would put heat on a heel that would end up facing Asuka at SummerSlam. The career-ending injury angle may have changed since Paul Heyman was removed in place of Bruce Prichard. The person who was supposed to end her career was not Nia Jax.

The person who would have ended Sane's career would have been Charlotte Flair or Shayna Baszler but those names are not 100 percent confirmed and it's no longer a given that this angle will take place as originally planned by Heyman.

Meltzer noted that the talk with Sane has been (not recently, though) that once her WWE contract was up that she would wrestle one more year in Japan and then retire.