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Kenny Omega says he was supposed to have Steve Austin’s gimmick in New Japan

Kenny Omega is a box office draw and he has the merch sales to prove it. But one thing fans might not know is Kenny wasn’t always The Cleaner fans know today.

There was once a time when he was still figuring it out and Omegaman recently spoke to Edge and Christian on their Pod Of Awesomeness about some of the early ideas New Japan Pro Wrestling had for him.

“So, before I made my debut as Kenny ‘The Cleaner’ Omega, they still wanted to lay down some guidelines and rules as to exactly that was. And originally I was supposed to be kinda like The Ringmaster — Steve Austin ‘The Ringmaster.’ Cold calculating, I always have a mouth piece — New Japan fans were kinda their own fans. There were, of course, some crossover but a lot of the New Japan fans only knew their product. So they thought it was cool to pretend that I just never knew Japanese anymore or at least chose not to speak it.”

We all love Kenny Omega as The Cleaner he is today. But just imagine how different things would have been if NJPW would have stuck to their original plan and kept Omega as an homage to Steve Austin’s initial WWE persona? We also have to wonder if an IWGP Million Dollar Belt was in New Japan’s plans as well.

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