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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn share strange gas station fan encounter

During a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, Y2J had Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on the show as guests. While the three Canadian pro wrestlers bantered back and forth it came to light that both Owens and Zayn share an appreciation for everything pro wrestling, even old theme music.

Sami Zayn started telling a story about one accidental fan encounter which probably left two fans scratching their heads when all was said and done.


“So on one of those long drives, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this but sometimes we do,” Zayn said, “we put on Raw or wrestling or something, right? So we put on — I have no idea why, why did we choose this particular event? […] oh I know why. So one of the rules of our car — unspoken rule — is driver gets to pick the music. So I was playing my music which he isn’t particularly in love with […] so Kevin took the wheel and he chose something like ‘WWF: The Music’ see, I would never do that.”

Then Kevin Owens took over the story by saying, “so we were listening to the music on the way to the building, we get to the building, and then we get in the car after the show and I had my son with me which is crucial to this bit of the story. So we get in the car and we had to drive from Hershey to Philly, by the time we got in the car the show had just ended.”

“So everyone was driving out. We drove about five minutes to a gas station and we pull up to the pumps and as soon as we sat back in the car my phone reconnected to the Bluetooth and it picked up right where we had left off with the WWE themes. And it was on Apple Music so you know all the WWE songs on the database are on it and it’s some stuff we hadn’t heard.”

“And as we’re driving to the gas station it’s the King Of Kings, Triple H’s music but it’s a very strange demo version that’s kinda acoustic but not really and it’s not Motorhead singing Jim Johnson or whoever would be singing it and we were having a kick out of how strange it was. And then we pulled over to the gas station and my son’s like ‘oh my chocolate milk’s leaking in the backseat.’ So I pull over, I open the door and I walk around but I leave my door open. The music’s still playing, I open my son’s door he steps out, I start wiping the seat or whatever. Sami gets out and starts walking around to get gas and then I notice the guys at the pump next to us.”

As it turns out Sami Zayn has been singing the words to Triple H’s theme music incorrectly for years as he thought they were “bow down to The Game” when in reality, it’s “bow down to The King” which was quite shocking to discover at a time like this. So Kevin Owens brought Zayn’s attention to this mistake.

“I look over and I see the guys [at the other pump] and they know who we are” Owens continued, “they were just at the show, they were just staring at us, whatever. I go inside I buy my things, I go to get in the car and the guy goes, ‘hey are you, Kevin Owens?’ I say, ‘sometimes’ and I close the door and drive off […] and as we drive away we start analyzing what these guys just saw, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were arguing over a really weird version of Triple H’s theme song at the gas station.”

Therefore if you’re even in public and run into Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, maybe it would be a good time to pay very close attention because you never know what these two best friends could be in the middle of talking about.

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