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Mark Henry says Hulk Hogan can return to WWE under one condition

TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports

If you follow some of the recent interviews or posts on social media by Hulk Hogan, it's clear that he would like to return to WWE. However, WWE has been hesitant because of the potential backlash that they'll get. The company has always been open to brining him back but there are factors in play. One of the major concerns is what their advertisers will think and the reaction from the talent. It's been almost 3 years since WWE released Hogan after news got out that there was audio of him using the N word.

Mark Henry is willing to forgive him and is open to the idea of Hogan being allowed back in WWE...under one condition. Henry says that Hogan has to apologize, again, but to all of the African-American wrestlers currently working for the company. He said, "I think after an apology to all of the existing African-American talent, [I think it] will be a real forgiving world."

Henry's words hold weight because he is now working as an ambassador for the company and he is respected by everyone in the locker room. You can hear Henry's comments on Hogan by clicking on the video below:

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