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Mike Kanellis shuts down troll with the Power Of Love



Mike Kanellis was known as Mike Bennett before venturing to WWE but Mike took his wife's last name when signing with Vince Army Of Armbars. Since then he's been letting the Power Of Love speak for him with his rocking power ballad theme song that just gets stuck in our heads for days.

Even though Mike lost his first pay-per-view match to Sami Zayn then took the pinfall in a tag match after that it's all good. Because Mike has Maria, therefore "when they ask if the fire is gonna eat us alive, I tell ‘em I think we'll be just fine"... his entrance music really is catchy.

There are a lot of people who think WWE has already essentially buried Mike Kanellis' character. After all, he hasn't really won yet except to set up the match at Battleground where he lost the blow-off. But we're not giving up hope on him yet.

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However, some are a lot more open about their dislike for Kanellis and his love-filled gimmick. One fan was particularly not fond of Mike when tweeting out: "and you still suck just as much now as you did then. You two make me ILL!"

Mike had a great response to this troll. Yeah, he fed the Twitter trolls but he's feeding them with the Power Of Love. It was such a sick burn Maria just had to retweet it.

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