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Natalya says Paige hasn’t spoken about her injuries

Paige’s injury at a recent house show was a pretty scary ordeal but she was able to get up after the match was called off and take a walk to the back on her own. However, reports since have said that Paige will be forced to retire from in-ring competition with WWE due to her ongoing injuries.

Natalya recently spoke to The Sporting News where she was asked about how Paige is doing and The Queen Of Harts had a rather interesting response when she said that Paige hasn’t spoken about her injuries at all.

“I don’t know the particulars of exactly what happened with Paige. I know, obviously, she had surgery and then she came back, but I don’t know all the details of what exactly happened. I just know that she hasn’t spoken about it yet and WWWE hasn’t released a statement so everything from this point, as we know it, is just waiting to see and time will tell. What we do in the ring is difficult. At any given moment, you can have ups and downs.”

Natalya is certainly well aware of the risks involved with in-ring competition seeing how her husband Tyson Kidd’s career was tragically cut short during a dark match before Raw when then-NXT star Samoa Joe stopped by to wrestle Kidd and a Muscle Buster left the former WWE Tag Team Champion with a neck injury which not only caused an end to his career but could have also taken his life.

“I would just wait to see what happens with Paige and wait for more from WWE to make an official announcement” Natalya continued. “What we do is physical and Paige is one of the most talented female Superstars I’ve ever been in the ring with. So, I have nothing but respect for her and, obviously, my husband Tyson Kidd, who was extremely talented in the ring. I also know that we take everything one day at a time and I’m grateful for all the good time that we’ve had together in the ring.”

It’s important to remember those positive moments in a situation like this. After all, Paige’s WWE career could very well be over. Even though an official announcement hasn’t been made just yet, it could only be a matter of time before the awful news breaks that Paige has been forced to retire from WWE.

If you’d like to hear our take on the Paige retirement situation and get a better picture of what’s going on, please feel free to watch the video below from our YouTube channel.

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