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Released WWE star gets a makeover and a new name


Just after midnight, former WWE Superstar No Way Jose posted a video where he showed off his new look and he declared that he is essential and he plans on changing the narrative, just like EC3 is doing.

He also revealed that he will be going under the name Levy Valenz, which is a slight variation of his real name Levis Valenzuela.

In late April, Valenz talked about wanting to show his serious and aggressive side and he wanted to ditch the comedy character he played in WWE. He said the following to Inside The Ropes:

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"It’s tough not because now I have to either try to go back into that [character] or try to come up with something completely different.’ He added, “As good as the character was for me in terms of making a living, I don’t want to continue that character. I just feel like it did what it did and if people want to book me for that or whatever, it’s gonna be possibly one off or whatnot but I have so much more to show. I have a more serious side, I have an aggressive side.”

There is no word yet on future bookings or if he is in talks with another major wrestling company. Check out the video below.