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Ric Flair makes first public announcement: "Naitch WILL be back!"



Ric Flair's health is on the forefront of our minds and many prayers have gone out in his direction during his recent health scare. Even though there were reports The Nature Boy was getting better we were also being told it was a long road back to %100.

After all, reports were he was put into a medically induced coma for surgery and that's not something anyone wants to hear about one of their heroes.

Reports were Flair was feeling well enough to cut a promo on his nurse and a lot of people saw that as good news. His daughter Charlotte Flair also rejoined the SmackDown roster on the road which we took as a positive sign things were getting back to normal as well.

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Now The Nature Boy is finally feeling well enough to send out his own message to the fans. Even though it's just a tweet, these words mean a lot to the people who have lost sleep worrying and praying for their hero.

So there you have it and you heard it from The Man himself. Ric Flair will be back and he's going to stand taller than he ever did. We'll keep praying for Ric as he makes it back to full strength but things are certainly looking good for The Nature Boy. Now it looks like we can finally let out a deep "woooo" of relief.

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