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Rich Swann’s wife Su Yung continues to publicly support her husband

Rich Swann has been through a rather difficult time recently. It all stemmed from charges which were eventually dismissed but the stigma remained. Swann vented a little about how it was costing him bookings and that didn’t go well. Then he announced his retirement.

Now Swann has pulled himself from all upcoming appearances as well and it looks like he’s retiring. Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio that Swann might not be retired for good because he’s still young enough to make a return. But it looks like he might need some separation from the pro wrestling world for a bit.

Swann’s wife Su Yung who was the women in the initial incident has done nothing but support her husband through this ordeal and she continues to stand by her man.

Through several statements via Twitter, Yung spoke about her husband and how she will always support him. She said Swann isn’t a danger to anyone while admitting even she had demons as well. But the love and support from fans is incredibly beneficial at a time like this.  It looks like this might be a good time to start using #ISupportSwann on social media if you’re rooting for the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

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