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Ronda Rousey already has official WWE merch available



Ronda Rousey is finally in WWE and it was a long time coming. But when someone like Rowdy Ronda shows up there is certainly a lot of planning involved.

Although some people backstage in WWE might have been kept in the dark, the people in WWE’s merchandise department probably had a good heads up because Ronda Rousey already has three t-shirts available on WWE’s official shop.

They are currently on pre-order and will be available by Friday, February 16th according to WWE Shop but they’re on the way and you can claim yours now. If anything you can bet if Ronda Rousey shows up for another WWE event anytime soon she’ll be sporting one just like she was at the Royal Rumble.

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This should be just another solid sign that Ronda Rousey is not only in the WWE for a good stay but they’re also taking her involvement with the company very seriously.

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