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Seth Rollins and Reby Hardy respond to Donald Trump banning transgenders in the military

President Of The United States Donald J Trump announced today he was banning transgender individuals from being a part of the US Armed Forces. The controversial decision stemmed from a much deeper political agenda for tactical maneuvering but this isn't a political website. This is a wrestling website and we're going to leave politics at the door here.

But the two worlds of politics and pro wrestling do sometimes intertwine. The WWE Hall Of Famer POTUS is a controversial figure so naturally, some people were bound to comment.

Seth Rollins is The Architect and it turns out he's also in opposition to Trump's most recent decision. He commented that this is just ridiculous.

Whether you agree with Rollins or not, he's still entitled to his opinion. If you do agree with him then there's another reason to cheer Seth. But if you disagree with Rollins, you can always cheer for Big Cass who is apparently a big Trump supporter.

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Now let's move on to Reby Hardy because her Twitter hasn't been covered at all today.But Queen Rebecca is just as interesting as she is beautiful and she's equally outspoken. She not only stands by her man but also reminded President Trump what the "T" in a tweet of his meant.

Trump tweeted a pro-LGBT community message over a year ago and Reby Hardy was quick to point out this fact. My how times have changed because Reby is a mother of two now.

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